Married to someone who might not understand DDlg

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Married to someone who might not understand DDlg

Postby Greenshade » 9 months ago

Hi I recently found ABDL and it clicked... The concept and a bit of role playing just felt right.

The problem: I'm married and don't think my husband would understand...

Any advice on how to handle the situation? I feel like I need to be little sometimes but I'm too nervous to outright ask for the support. How do you ask someone to be your daddy?

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Re: Married to someone who might not understand DDlg

Postby PrincessCmytiara » 9 months ago

Ah! I might be able to help.. A little (hehehe). My daddy had no prior experience with DD/LG or BDSM when we started talking. I had no idea I was a little and it just started to come out in me with him being my caregiver! So I just decided to bring it up with him one day and he asked if it was something I was into. I told him I would like to experiment with it and see if we liked it and we just took off! We haven't got it all figured out yet but he definitely gave me a chance to be myself. We didn't start off right away looking at web sites and stuff... We just did our own thing for a few weeks first! Worth a shot to just bring it up and say.. Hey I came across this web site today that was kind of interesting....

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Re: Married to someone who might not understand DDlg

Postby IM_A_PRINCESS » 9 months ago

This is really hard to say. I had come across it and brought it up and it went terribly. He didn't understand and he doesn't like some of the wording. I was very angry with him because of it when it means so much to me. So I was grumpy for a few days and then I just decided to do it anyways. I am in my little space, join or don't. Since then he has really come around to the idea. But I think it can be very overwhelming at first for anyone. There are a lot of avenues you can take with this dynamic and you have to find what works for you and your partner. Just wanted to give you my point of view as my first time attempting to introduce it was not a great one.

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Re: Married to someone who might not understand DDlg

Postby Mariloli » 9 months ago

I was wondering if anyone was in this position too! I'm afraid that my boyfriend probably won't fully submersed himself into this dynamic, but I still color and have many stuffed toys. I think it was my girly attitude that made it easy for me to ageplay, and for him not to question it. He has more of a middle than a caregiver attitude. We watch cartoons together and love playing with toys. Just bat your cute eyes and tell him what you want, he might be open to try some things with you.

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