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Hey There!

Postby MiniMoon » 8 months ago

Hey Everyone,

Nice to meet you all!

My name is Mini Moon and I'm 23 and a college student studying healthcare.

More cool facts:

I'm a twin btw!

Love Anime ( Sailor Moon, Black Butler, Blood, Vampire Knight, Naruto Shippuden, Air, Bleach, Afro Samurai, Strawberry panic, to name a few)

Make Jewelry (especially Kandi)

Hello Kitty makes me super Happy!

Kawaii Anything!

Currently collecting Plushies;)

I have baby dolls.

I'm a Big Kid:p

I came to the conclusion that if I'm going to get into this then I need to connect with people that have experience in it. I like making new friends and meeting new people. I'm really looking for friendship, some mentorship, and maybe would like to find Caregivers Mommy/Dom or Daddy/Dom or both.

This lifestyle just spoke out to me because it explain a lot of my personality and that I shouldn't be ashamed of how young I truly do act. My little age is around the age of 8-15 I hope to learn a lot in this community!

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