New face among the crowd.

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New face among the crowd.

Postby Bolter » 8 months ago

Hello, everyone.

I've spent a little bit of time trying to come up with an appropriate introduction, but but nothing witty has come to mind. But basically long story short, I am new here. I stumbled across this site while looking through random corners of the internet and I thought I would give it a try. I'm not sure if DD/LG is something I am interested in, or what context I am looking for out of this. What i do know, is that I had a relationship with someone who was very dear to me, that followed along the lines of DD/LG without the sensual aspect, but my little girl gave indications she wanted to take it sensual, but i wasn't ready to go that route. We had known each other for many years, and my little girl was very much like a daughter I never had. At the time, I feared hurting her. I regret that deeply because now she has "grown up" i guess you could say, moved on, and is lost to me. I am trying to find out where to proceed from here, So I am here.

I hope that counts as a decent enough intro. :)

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