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I have finally discovered my true name; Daddy.

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I have finally discovered my true name; Daddy.

Postby DaddyBeast1980 » 1 year ago

Hello to all the wonderful littles out there in the world. I'm a new Daddy, 3 months now, and I am so very in love with this lifestyle. I had a truly amazing little who helped me discover who I am as she discovered who she was, but I lost her. Not because of DDLG things, but because of deep emotional demons that she was just too afraid to let Daddy help her with. I'm broken, I'm destroyed, I'm a Daddy who lost his little one. Maybe she'll come back to me... All I know is that she was and still is my world the way a little should be to her daddy, and I'm lost without her.

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Re: I have finally discovered my true name; Daddy.

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

I'm sorry to hear that you lost your little, but I'm glad that the experience opened you up to this world. DDlg dynamics are wonderful and have a special uniqueness of their own. I hope that you overcome the loss of your first little and work on betting yourself as a Daddy--because one day you may very well bump into someone else who makes your heart flutter and who desperately needs a Daddy's care.

Welcome to the community though. Please do feel free to ask questions around the forum and get to know other members. :)


Re: I have finally discovered my true name; Daddy.

Postby DaddyBeast1980 » 1 year ago

Thank you Star for those words. It's a bittersweet thought about finding another. I don't want anybody else but I don't know how to properly function without a little. Think I'll look through the site and forums and start researching how to survive without someone to care for. What a ridiculous notion though.. I get and understand the pain and anguish of needing to be cared for, but pain and anguish from the need to care from somebody? So many new wonderful feelings and emotions come with so many new pains and hurts.

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