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Why cant i still pm,chat , or view anyone profile  [Answered]

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Why cant i still pm,chat , or view anyone profile  [Answered]

Postby Keilow123 » 1 year ago

I am becoming very frustrated because I've done everything right and still can't do anything

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Re: Why cant i still pm,chat , or view anyone profile

Postby admin » 1 year ago

Hi, Keilow123:

Thank you for reaching out to us again. Speaking of frustration, I'm getting kind of frustrated with your lack of care about the resources I've been linking you to for your answer. Please know that our site is primary text-based so it is extremely important you read information thoroughly.

The links I provided clearly state that you need to post something other than within the personals ad section. I highly suggest, as I have in our previous e-mail contacts, to post an introduction about yourself that isn't related to match-making. The only places you have posted have been the personals area and the help section. We are not a dating site so we expect you to be active in more than that area to gain full features.

We will not reply with further instructions after this message because there are no further steps to take at this time. All of these instructions were fully outlined three times to you now. I'm sorry if you don't understand but, seriously, at this point there is nothing more we can do aside from tell you to read and follow the rules.
If you have a reading challenge you can use Google Translate ( ) to read things out loud to you. Put in the text as English and have it "translate" it to English. Then under the translate box there will be a little speaker you can click on to have it read it out loud.
It is also important to know that your account will remain under review for additional posts if you [only] submit [these types of] post(s) [...]:
  • Hey.
  • Cool.
  • Hi, I'm Suzie!
  • I'm new too.
  • I want friends.
  • Hi. Let's be friends.
  • I don't know what I'm doing.
  • It says I need to make an intro but I don't know what to say.
  • I want access to [the chat room, user profiles, or private messaging].
  • Do you have [kik, skype, whatsapp, snapchat, tumblr, twitter, facebook, or another external site/messaging system]?
  • How do I [chat, see profiles, or private message someone]?
  • Generally, any "help" thread about using the site or features.
  • In most cases, personal ads [and replies to such].
Please read the instructions you've been given.

Thank you,


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