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New to Everything >w<

Postby LittleKittyMango » 8 months ago

Hi new friends, my name is Frankie- I am fairly new to the community but i have figured out that i am a Little- But i LOVE KITTY EARS AND TAILS!!! ::3: I have been a part of the BDSM community (Online only as i haven't found anyone irl to help me learn more) for about 6 years... I am normally a switch but my boyfriend has since introduced me to DDLG (i didn't know about it much, though i knew about adult babies and such... i didn't realize it was a thing...) at first i thought i wouldn't fit in with the DDLG community but after my boyfriend showed me how infact, in everyday life i /am/ a little- it made sense........ soooo i'm new >w< sorry for the blabbing but it's soooooooooooooooo nice to meet new friends!! :luff:

Thank you for reading my blab moment!

Frankie <3

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