Oh hi, just a little hello :)

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Oh hi, just a little hello :)

Postby BittyKitty » 8 months ago

Hi :waves: I'm new here, please call me Autmn :) I made this account a few weeks ago, but haven't really gotten a chance to check things out yet. I'm also pretty new to ddlg in general, my friend was in a cg/l relationship a few years ago and I was very intrigued, but I had a bf whom I loved very much, so I buried my curiosities. That was then, now I'm here! I hope to learn lots of new things, make lots of friends and mayyyyybe, perhaps, meet someone I can call Daddy and pull his whiskers til he spanks me hehe. Thanks for reading, bye now, tootles!

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Re: Oh hi, just a little hello :)

Postby abaum420 » 8 months ago

Hello there. You sound like a very interesting little one. I would love to chat more.

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