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Over 18 Verification Pop Up Messages  [Answered]

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Over 18 Verification Pop Up Messages  [Answered]

Postby bluedinosaursocks » 1 year ago

I was curious about the age verification. When I refresh the homepage, I get the little popup asking me if I'm over 18 or not. Generally, that wouldn't bother me, as this is an adult community. But I registered with this site and have an account. Is there any reason that this popup is still here? Is there any way to get rid of it?

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Re: Over 18 Verifications

Postby admin » 1 year ago

Hi, bluedinosaursocks!

I understand you keep seeing the age verification agreement even though you've already registered your account. This is the correct functionality of this site feature and there is not a method to disable it from appearing.

Due to the nature of our site, for both legal and moral reasons, we require all persons accessing the site (with or without a registered account) to be biologically 18 or older. This is displayed through multiple means, including throughout the registration process, on the footer of our community, and on the Terms of Usage agreement page.

The overlay message you see occasionally is a third-party created script we implemented to help keep our site safe and to remind users that they need to be 18 or older.

You may be surprised at the number of people we have registering accounts on our site that are not yet 18. We take a lot of steps to remove these accounts once they are found. This all being said, to try to alert those users that do not meet our age requirement we do not remove the overlay page display after an account is registered--because maybe somehow that user mysteriously missed the "18 and above" requirement and agreement all of those times.
You may also be surprised at the great number of e-mails I receive after an account is banned for the user being under the age of 18--where the user claims outright they had absolutely no idea we even had an age requirement! (You have the admit though, the overlay is in-your-face more than anything else.)

The overlay pop-up is frequent right now. In my opinion, it is slightly too frequent; however, the coding we are using is actually a free service. It is in our plans to purchase the upgraded plan so that it is displayed only once every 24 hours as a reminder instead of once every 30 minutes or so. Right now I just don't have it in my personal budget to purchase the upgraded script ($60/per year minimum for the bare-basics, non-customizable option that delays the pop-up to a more reasonable time-frame) and we just haven't received enough site donations to cover it as well as our server hosting payment.

In short, we are trying to combat people accessing our page that do not meet our requirements, and we have to take steps that prove (due to legal reasons) we are actively putting great effort forth to alert users that they need to be biologically 18 or older for our site. I apologize if it's bothersome currently, but please just hold out until we raise enough funds through our donation method to purchase the upgraded script so, at the very least, you won't be seeing it as often!

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