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Postby Anton370 » 11 months ago

This most excellent discovery happened when I was around 16. I accidentally clicked on some pretween girl's, in reality pretty awful, makeup tutorial. I'm a pretty masculine guy, but this 11 year old's voice captivated me... For about the 3 minutes I was able to remain conscious. So I guess that is my first memory of the phenomena. I watched that video repeatedly until it was taken off YouTube.

Then, I watched one of EpicFantasy's modeling tutorial videos. This was a few years later, but it had the exact same effect. I'd be jazzed with energy, but suddenly take a 4+ hour nap.

It wasn't until about a year ago that I learned that there is a name for this strange, delightful, and extremely useful phenomena. It's called ASMR, and they're finally doing some studies on if fron what I hear. Whatever they figure out, I have discovered my Brain's non addictive sleep aid that is more effective than Ambien. I haven't had a sleepless night since.

Does anyone else here ASMR?

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Postby Button » 11 months ago

Oh yes, when I had a good pair of headphones I'd watch the videos a lot. I would become very very relaxed, sometimes I listen to it when my anxiety is bad.

My favorites are the roleplay ones, where your best friend does your makeup or a haircut. I especially like listening to the sounds of paintbrushes being rubbed over the microphone or just gentle fingers tapping. heatherfeather does a pretty good job at putting a little bit of everything into her videos and her voice is very cute and relaxing.
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Postby Mermaid » 10 months ago

I really love ASMR! I've always loved to watch people draw, it gives me such a nice, tickly, relaxed feeling. I could watch it for hours! I remember in school I'd watch a classmate drawing in their sketchbook and completely forget to focus on the lecture because it felt too good, haha.

I only found out what this feeling is called like... last month or something. It's amazing to be able to LOOK for videos of people drawing and whispering at the same time, when before I didn't really know how to find drawing videos that weren't sped-up. :c
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