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The Walking Dead Show - Fans?

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The Walking Dead Show - Fans?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

Anyone a fan of The Walking Dead?

I'm not caught up with all of the seasons (I have conflicting feelings about the series) but it's interesting sometimes. I owned the first book of the comic and realized the series didn't follow it as well as I'd have thought (although, still a lot of similarities). The zombies are well-done, usually, though and I really like that. The writers made them consistent and that's important because I hate when a zombie film suddenly forgets they wrote zombies to be a certain way but randomly they begin doing traits they couldn't previously.

Anyway, are there any TWD fans here? :) What's your favorite things about the series?

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jken1461 modly
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Re: The Walking Dead Show - Fans?

Postby jken1461 modly » 1 year ago

I go back and forth with it. The way the last season ended was stupid and if you read the comics, you already probably know what happens. They cast a great actor as Negan, but the whole set up for his reveal was preposterous. It seems like they focus a lot on the least interesting characters. If you like the show, I recommend reading the comic. Of course, then you probably won't like the show anymore.

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