Experienced Professor/Daddy greeting all girls and boys here

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Experienced Professor/Daddy greeting all girls and boys here

Postby professordaddy » 8 months ago

[/img] Hello to all the eager beavers out there. I am an experienced, passionate, fair, loving, strict and knowledgeable professor and daddy. So much to share. I love to teach, mentor, groom and always encourage the newbies and youngsters out there to try new things. I love questions, second and third opinions, on any subject from vanilla to fantasy. I love to home school, special subjects, relationships, counseling and a very special, exciting gym class. Will be posting pics, links and vids where appropriate throughout this site to locate new students.
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Correction is just as much about shame, as it is about the actual palm to your fanny. Mom or auntie watching makes one more contrite, don't you think?
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