Myself (obviously)

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Myself (obviously)

Postby preteenboybelgium » 8 months ago


Obligatory: English is not my first language.

This is the first time I ever post on one of these sites...
I am a 19 year old boy who has had some problems with growing up, due to many reasons.
I like to be a little boy, and I also like to be bossed around.
I have a pacifier which i wear every night, together with my onesie.
I also like it a bit when I'm ridiculed.
I have bought a plastic suit which I "have to wear from my mom"
It consists of yellow boots, red playshoes pants, a lego wear coat / blue dotted raincoat, playshoes gloves and a fluo helmet. I wear it a lot when I'm inside, fantasizing about me having to wear it to friends and such... I also have a few friends where to I actually wear it. It gives me a kick, to be so big and still wear clothes meant for a 10 year old. I also just generally love to be "limited", with that I mean that a mommy or daddy has to keep me on a very short leash (literally).
I also just like to play with kids, but I don't get many chances.

I don't know what else to write at the moment, I hope I can find some friends here :)

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