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Hi there

Postby LittleOrchid » 8 months ago

Hi everybody,
My name is Orchid and I'm from Ohio. I'm 31 and I've been little forever. I'm married to my Daddy and we've been together for nearly 17 years. We have a few kids. I've never been around other littles so I'm kinda shy and socially awkward at the moment. I don't really know what to say lol
I guess I could talk about how I just got my new Paci in the mail today from Pacifiersrus. That's super happy. I got one of their new adult sized guards in a light baby pink, with a glow in the dark moon and sun on it. I love it lots already! I have one other Paci that is a Nuk 5 on a MaM gaurd that I adore. It's purple with flowers.
ANYWAY! I look forward to hanging out with you guys though!
Nice to meet you all.

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