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Beaded Animal Keychains - How to?

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Beaded Animal Keychains - How to?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

Daddy and I were in Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and we ran into some really awesome beads used for crafts. He started talking about how he use to make animal keychains with those types of beads when he was a boy. Unfortunately, he couldn't recall exactly how he made them since it had been a number of years.

I thought it might be an interesting surprise to work on a special, handmade animal beaded keychain for him while he was out and about though. I'm not really sure how to start, what supplies I need exactly, and actually HOW these things are even made.

Does anyone know or point me in the right direction with an instructional book or something, please?

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Re: Beaded Animal Keychains - How to?

Postby LittleDerps » 11 months ago

Usually when I am looking for patterns I go to <>
You might have to hunt around to find the right type, because they have cuffs/bikinis/etc. and different types of stitches. They have a tab with tutorials on how to read patterns and make certain things, too though, so that might be a good skill to pick up so you can read patterns no matter what site you're on! You'll be wanting the patterns that have the offset bead rows, not the ones that are aligned. I think you should start with videos, though, because once you get down the basic skills of beading you can make basically anything you can think up.
Also, for simpler instructions, you could probably just google or youtube "beaded animal keychain" and go from there, but I've been using the site I mentioned for years so I thought I'd throw it out there. Youtube is your friend. :omfg:

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