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Private Pizza Parties As DDLG Couple Event?

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Private Pizza Parties As DDLG Couple Event?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

Does anyone else have private pizza parties or silly, little fake celebrations with their Caregiver?

I have really fun memories of people getting all excited about having a pizza party. So, when Daddy and I have enough money to order a pizza from Dominos for us to have special then we also have a little private pizza party. :food:

We buy special paper party plates with characters and fun things on them (we've had Star Wars, silly monsters, Minions) and fun kid's napkins (Lisa Frank unicorns are mine and Daddy's are Star Wars).

Daddy gets all excited with me that we've got pizza and we pretend we're having a party in celebration of something (which is usually the case any way if we've ordered a pizza). I have juice from one of my sippy cups and Daddy usually will have some Sprite in one of his silly glasses that have game logos etched in them. It's really fun and makes me feel loved and little to do such a silly fake-event together.

It's seriously one of my most favorite fun little things we do together. Maybe sometimes our version of DDlg is just super silly! :omfg:

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