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Little ideas on how to be a better daddy dom?

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Little ideas on how to be a better daddy dom?

Postby Bolter » 11 months ago

So, I'm new to the DD/LG idea, as far as understanding that it's a specific idea anyway. So I was wondering, what helps make a better Daddy? What does your Daddy do for you that let you know he was YOUR Daddy? How does he enlighten your day? :gift: :D

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Re: Little ideas on how to be a better daddy

Postby Xer0ine » 11 months ago

I'm a newer little. I'm also not very little, I'm a "big."

However, what I need from my Daddy;

Always have my best interest in mind.

Make sure your rules are set in place. I may be big, but I need structure.

Care for me. I need to know that when I am sick, hurt, sad, or depressed that you will be there. Please don't abandon me or speak too harshly.

Include me. I like to help. If your working on the car, I like to help! Planting the vegetables, I'm so in! Do we need to make a trip to the dump? "I love the dump!" Yes, that conversation did actually happen. Lol

Respect my world. I have a career, I am "the boss", and a daughter of my own. So my world is not an easy one to navigate as a " big little." Respect those complexities.

Respect me. Ask about my boundaries. No means no. Ask me if it's OK.

Most of all; make me and the things I love your number one priority.


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