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Caregivers not as active as Littles?

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Caregivers not as active as Littles?

Postby Bolter » 11 months ago

I'm relatively new to the site,but I have noticed it seems the Caregivers are not as active or as vocal as the Littles that abound. Do caregivers not communicate much with each other in this dynamic? Share tips, advice, warnings, that kind of stuff? I've seen a few posts here, but doesn't seem to be all that many, compared to the little side of things anyway.

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Re: Caregivers not as active as Littles?

Postby friendsinreverse » 11 months ago

I may be wrong here. But I feel like the mentality of a caregiver is less dependant. I don't mean that in a negative way at all. But as far as advice and small talk... its so less frequent because we feel we have a good grasp on things. However, it definitely happens where we communicate with each other from time to time.

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Re: Caregivers not as active as Littles?

Postby BigPapa » 10 months ago

Part of the draw to DDlg for me is the ability to make it my own. Being a caregiver is a bit instinctive, for me.

I bet most CGs also have more years of experience, on average, than most littles. But that could be a misconception on my part.

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