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How can I get into littlespace? How can I get out of littlespace when I want?

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How can I get into littlespace? How can I get out of littlespace when I want?

Postby Nikki12 » 11 months ago

Im new to bbg/little/middle/baby/tween and i am finding mysekf and i wants to learn everything and anything about being little. I am having some difficultly in goin back and fourth from little space and adult space and when its the right time and what the wrong time so my question is....

What are some ways that littles prepair them selves to go in and out of there little space?

What kind of rituals can help with goin in and out of little space?

How does one transition from adult to little?

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Re: Goin in and out of little space

Postby culpablecorgi » 11 months ago

I'm definitely not an expert since I'm still figuring things out myself, but from what I've gathered:

Some folks get into littlespace by surrounding themselves with items that they associate with being little. Toys, stuffed animals, blankets, snacks, etc. Some I've heard like to reminisce on fun childhood memories. I suppose it's different for everyone though! I'm not sure how you get out of littlespace. Maybe when things interrupt it? Maybe just willing yourself? I've heard some people are in littlespace most of the time because to them it means always being kind of childlike but not being incapable of doing adult stuff like chores and work.

I hope this helps a little!

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