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New to the site x

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New to the site x

Postby evaevaeva » 1 year ago

Hello Everyone

I am new to the site but I am really excited to meet people with similar interests to mine.
I am 36 years old who has dreams about being treated like a little girl though I have a career and my own family. I understand my needs more now than I did years ago. I was in this type of relationship for a year and it was amazing. My daddy was a very intelligent person with a wide range of interests. In the bedroom he was looking after me, he was washing me, brushing my hair, making my plats, telling me stories... and outside the bedroom we were exploring the world with my great respect to his choices and guidance. I really loved that.
I would love to meet someone like him again if not let me just join you.
Have a lovely day everyone ! X

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