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How to talk to Daddy Dom about our DDLG relationship we've fallen into?

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How to talk to Daddy Dom about our DDLG relationship we've fallen into?

Postby Xer0ine » 1 year ago


I've called my Daddy, Daddy from nearly day one. And he's been my dominant from day one. Even if I'm doing laundry, or on the phone for work, I gladly and willingly do as I am instructed.

We've never formally established a DD/LG relationship, we've never talked about it, and we're two years in. Even though we've never talked about it, he always looks out for my best interest, make sure I'm taking care of, it was something falters he's always there to fix it. He cares for me, teaches me things, and guides me.

I'm not a glitter, ponies, and stuffies little. I am more of a doting teenager who only wants to work hard alongside her daddy to make the best life for their family.

It's fuzzy and complicated because we're both the boss at our respective jobs, and I have a 4 year old daughter.

After 2 years I'm having difficulty starting this conversation. About the intricacies of or special relationship.

Any suggestions?


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