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How to Post Photos  [Answered]

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How to Post Photos  [Answered]

Postby TippyLuvz » 1 year ago

How do I post pictures? This site has me more than a little confused.

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Re: How to Post Photos

Postby admin » 1 year ago

How do I post pictures?
You're welcome to create your own thread in the Showing Off section and upload photos of yourself or your things. Simply create your new topic and either link to your photos that are uploading elsewhere using the little photo code option in the toolbar or submit them as attachments to the thread (below the content boxes).


If you want to submit directly to our fan page (ie: You holding a sign that says "I <3 Littlespace Online") then either create your own thread and add your image(s) as attachments or email the administration team.

I hope this clears up some of the misunderstandings here. Please let us know if you need more assistance.

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