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How to deal with a "fake" and unhealthy "little" friend?

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How to deal with a "fake" and unhealthy "little" friend?

Postby Cutie » 11 months ago

I have a friend who I recently told about my relationship with my daddy. :?
She was really excited for some reason and told me she also calls her BF of two months "daddybear" but overall nothing else relating to DDlg. I felt a bit more open to talking about my daddy and I after she seemed to not be judgmental about it, but since then (about 2 weeks) she's suddenly been trying to do a lot of things to try to mirror my behavior and how I talk/type/behave as well as trying to talk about "my daddy this my daddy that" ALL the time..

We got into a fight 1 week ago because she started posting little/babygirl instagrams and saying how they're fat and ugly and cringe and just making fun of those who are deeper into the DD/lg and ABDL. I got REALLY mad because first she tries to pretend she's very deeply into this lifestyle when she hardly knows what it's truly about, calls herself a babygirl all the time out of the blue, then thinks it's OK to make fun of real littles infront of a real little? She didn't know at the time that I use sippycups and actually age regress and am very into DD/lg with my daddy. I flat out told her real babygirls don't make fun of other babygirls and that her behavior was unacceptable. She apologized to me but still defended what she said with "sorry I don't get turned on by adults wearing diapers." :srsly:

So now it's been 2 weeks since all that and I tried to help her out a little because she SEEMS like she is interested in this lifestyle and I sent her some articles to share with her "daddy." (I personally do not think he is ready at all to be a daddy nor takes it very seriously, but that is another story.) I can't help but regret telling her about my daddy and me. She went from using it as a fashion and as an excuse to behave badly (bullying people and saying she needs to protect herself cus she's a "babygirl"), to pushing a truckload of expectations on her new online boyfriend without even discussion the intro of this new dynamic. I don't think she is aware of the proper term of DD/lg.. He doesn't seem that much into it other than the fact she wants him to call her babygirl, ect. He still says very inappropriate jokes (tells her to kill herself) and overall is not very mature. A lot of our mutual friends are coming to me telling me it's bothering them how she's suddenly doing all this and how she's becoming really insecure, unhealthy, and unstable because she suddenly has the idea that her boyfriend (who is a few years younger and lives halfway across the world) should be responsible for her esteem and her adult responsibilities. She already has had a problem with falling deeply and fastly in love with online guys, but I think the addition of wanting a "daddy" is making everything riskier since she just flat out handed him the title of "daddy" and we all know that daddies EARN this title just as we earn the title of their baby. :pacy:

I'm all for people who want to come into the DD/lg lifestyle but I feel like there is a HEALTHY way and an UNHEALTHY way and I can only see her behavior into trying to get into DDlg as very unhealthy. Also I can't help but feel like she is trivializing everything that daddy and I am (as well as everyone else here who understands and isn't just doing this cus it's "cute.") I hate to be petty but this is bugging me so much. I still want to be a good friend but the whole bullying thing made me a bit sour and watching her take the unhealthy path makes me anxious. :no:

Have a friend who found out I am in a DDlg relationship.
Friend suddenly mirroring my behavior, how i talk/type, ect.
Out of the blue immersed into being a "baby girl, little baby, daddy's girl"
Did not even discuss or even explain to her online boyfriend of 2 months what DD/lg even is (she still doesn't even know DDlg is a term)
Pushing her boyfriend suddenly for daddy responsibilities, but still kinda talking to a buncha other guys.
"Daddy" not earned but given, after only 2 months of online dating
Bullies REAL littles and babygirls while using the titles as a form of fashion.
Trivializes how DD/lg works/ I feel like she is trivializing everything daddy and I am and how DDlg is such a deep thing and not just fashion.
Anxious because turning her 2 month online love into something super important and it's going to be terrible if it doesn't work out especially if she puts the daddy label on him

What do I do!!!!! :fight:
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Re: How to deal with a "fake" and unhealthy "little" friend?

Postby AliceUnderland » 11 months ago

TALK TO HER OMG THAT'S TOO MUCH you should really sit her down and discuss everything

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Re: How to deal with a "fake" and unhealthy "little" friend?

Postby themysticone supporty » 11 months ago

Hmmm...So I am new to this world as well. I see the whole thing as a wonderful and mysterious thing. I think the issue here is beyond the lifestyle though. First I will warn you. We all like to help people but the burden of their life is not yours to carry. I am not saying not to help people but you have to protect yourself because there are very few that will. People who "convert" to your lifestyle are as you said insecure and whatnot. If they see you as happy or not paying attention to them it can get bad. I have seen this before. Back in college I had a "friend" that was miserable with my happiness. I was in the bathroom and my GF called and he lied and told her I was off in a girls room and had been there for hours. He did this a lot. I found out way later when my GF started fighting with me over stuff I didn't even know about. These people are toxic. Please understand that I mean no disrespect to your friend, I have just seen how bad it can go. This guy started stalking me in a weird way. Standing out front waiting by my dorm for hours. My real friends started helping me and protecting me for lack of a better word.

I commend you on wanting to help but do so carefully. No one is worth hurting yourself.

My two cents...

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Re: How to deal with a "fake" and unhealthy "little" friend?

Postby Draken_Runeblade » 11 months ago

As a daddy who's been at this for a few years now, it is a tough change to go from just being a boyfriend to being someone's world. You should remind her that it's not fair to force the responsibility on him, but also, that he is supposed to protect her, if he is telling her to kill herself it's an abusive relationship not a bdsm or DD/lg relation. There is a huge difference.

You could show her the little space and hope that by being exposed to some of the forum topics here she might better learn to care for herself without a caregiver until she finds one that's right for her.

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Re: How to deal with a "fake" and unhealthy "little" friend?

Postby BigPapa » 10 months ago

She is probably acting this way because she is uncomfortable with how the DDlg situations arouse her. Her judgementalness is coming from her own insecurity. You're right to address it head on.
Between consenting adults, there is nothing that warrants shame or self loathing. But finding her kink before she has the self confidence and emotional maturity to embrace it has caused her to act out and hurt others. Try not to take it personally, and definitely encourage her to keep an open mind.

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