26 wheelchair bound submisve middle from oregon

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26 wheelchair bound submisve middle from oregon

Postby boyforsafety » 7 months ago

hi well im new here m a shy geeky twisty introvert who likes to read play video games and do many other geeky things m in a wheelchair everything works except my legs who am i as a middle ?

im a good kid who does not act out without reason very little brat in me what separates this part of me from my adult self is as a middle im less sure of myself i need more structure and have much less understanding of how the world works and why it works like it does im also more imaginative and with drawn when im thinking as a teen and not like adult i crave safety and protection from stress in the real world and adventure and fantasy from the movies i watch and books i read this part of me does not make up the whole of me as a sub but my teen side is a big part of me he is 4 to 16 years of age hugs all
hugs and cuddles

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