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Letter to Daddy Dom

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Letter to Daddy Dom

Postby daddyspecialprincess » 1 year ago

We haven't been together long, but I love you VERY much.
Thank you so much for taking me as I am, insecurities and all. In the short while we've been together, I feel like I've put you though way too much self-doubt and negativity on my part and you could do so much better. But it means the WORLD to me that I am the luckiest little ever, being the one to call you Daddy. I love that we're silly together and that you agree with me that a combination of stuffies, chocolate, and blankies can solve (almost) any problem. And I love our Netflix and Cuddles dates :)
I love you, Daddy. I love you more than there are blades of grass in a field, more than there are grains of sand on the beach, more than there are stars in the sky and more than I ever felt possible. I feel like the first person to ever experience this level of love even though I know you love me lots too.
I can't wait to be in your arms for real, it truly will be a dream come true.

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Re: Letter to Daddy

Postby KurtAnkara » 1 year ago

You know I am an author, but when I think about how I feel for you I am without words. I can describe the beauty of a sunset and the grandeur of the start of spring but when I think of you I am speechless. You are the most perfect princess I have ever met and am so proud of you everyday.

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