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Hello all

Postby themysticone » 7 months ago

Hello, Everyone.

I am here for the sheer curiosity of a man seeking a path that has thus far eluded him. I have no personal experience in this realm less a little virtual Master/Slave play. I can write the part but I seek something more. I am in a bad situation right now that limits my abilities for happiness but I am hopeful for the future.

For now I seek insight into the world I can only dream of at the moment. I have lots of questions and would love to discuss things in an open and inquisitive manner. I have to admit that I see my ignorance in just the titles and labels from the registry on this website.

I hope I can find the answers I seek and not offend anyone in the process. I am not sure this is the intro that is sought here. Thank you to those who have created this space and I look forward to discussions of enlightenment.

-The Mystic One

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