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I came out of the toy box about DDLG to my Bestfriend today

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I came out of the toy box about DDLG to my Bestfriend today

Postby Brbstacysdone » 11 months ago

So I came out of the toy box to my best friend today and told her that I was a little. She was already aware that I was into DDlg but not that much. I was really scared about how she would react because I didn't want to lose her as my best friend but I told her and she was really happy for me! :3 she recommended some websites for me and things like that and even offered to introduce me to some of her friends who are also littles :3 I'm really happy because she's the only person I've told and I got a good reaction :3
Any stories from other littles about coming out of the toy box good or bad?

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Re: I came out of the toy box to my Bestfriend today

Postby Button » 11 months ago

I actually came out last year on my 21st birthday! Haha.
It was to my bf, and he was actually pretty ok with it. :3

He took me out for drinks and a fancy dinner, and I had been wanting to tell him for a while but I was too scared. Weell, I got courageous and told him outside the restaurant. He didn't react too badly, he made me blush a lot and asked a bunch of awkward questions. I answered the least awkward ones and he kept teasing me and making me blush.

He's now my daddy and he tries his best to be there for me and try to handle my little side (even when i start becoming a brat lol), though he still doesn't know too much but we're still taking things slow. He knows I like onesies and stuffies and things, but not stuff like pacis etc yet. I'm sure he wouldn't have a problem, but I'm still so shy and quiet in person haha. He actually bought me a minion onesie for Christmas. <3

Overall I'd say it went pretty good. :) Well, more than pretty good!
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Re: I came out of the toy box to my Bestfriend today

Postby littleAshiee » 11 months ago

That makes me so happy! It makes me want to tell my close friends but then again..nahh
I have told my online friends and my younger cousin whose like my little sister and they all took it well, asked questions and were genuinely interested. I low key told my brother but I only told him I was a sub because he wanted me to do something that was breaking one of my rules...I think I would tell him though, he would think it was weird and probably joke around about it but nothing that would be intentionally hurtful..hmm

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