Um...Hi! :3

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Um...Hi! :3

Postby Mlplover9 » 7 months ago

Hi peoples. I've always been a little at heart. My partner and I have just begun to explore it. I'm still super awkward and nervous about it! I'm hoping some little space time alone (which I haven't done yet) will make it easier to be comfortable about it. It's naturally our dynamic, it's certainly not a stretch, so I'm hopeful!
I'm glad to have found this forum and I hope I can make fwiends and learn how to fully embrace my inner little girl ^.^

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Re: Um...Hi! :3

Postby JazzyEddie98 » 7 months ago

The beautiful thing about DD/LG is the fact that you're letting the little girl out and being comfortable with it. You get to have fun and do all kinds of things that for some strange reason is taboo past a specific age but really it is just having fun and finding comfort in the arms of a father figure

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