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The Shy Introverted Little Odd Ball

Postby DaddysLittleRugrat » 7 months ago

Heyo.. *she whispers soflty* My name is Niyah I am 19 years old and been a little for almost a month now. I never really fitted-in in the vanilla wold. So when I found this dynamic and did my research, I found myself. I pride myself being different. I am silly, sweet, and a bit odd *she giggles looking down at the floor* I love video games, white chocolate, and cuddles. I love making fwiends even though I can be a bit shys *she twist her feet on the floor and rocks back and forth* Umm I am a pretty open person. Can't wait to see what this forum has in store, and the new people I get to meet. *she skips off *
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