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AB/DL educational survey. Please help provide information for learning about ABDL.

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AB/DL educational survey. Please help provide information for learning about ABDL.

Postby ABDLresearcher » 1 year ago

My name is Sandra (Alex) Andrawis. I am a University of California, Davis Student Researcher. I am currently getting my degree in Psychology, with a minor in Human Sexuality. My current project is on Adult Babies / Diaper Lovers (AB/DL). This research will be presented at a U.C Davis research convention, and based on the quality of the research, may be published.

Through my preliminary research, I’ve discovered how little research there is on AB/DL, and through interactions with AB/DL practitioners, I’ve realized how important this practice is to their identity. I would like for the information that I find to be of value to the AB/DL community, both in understanding themselves and educating others.

My aim is to expand on recent research from Hawkinson and Zamboni (2014), Connolly (2006) and various other studies. These articles present AB/DL participants as a broad spectrum of people that do not all use AB/DL as a sensual outlet, nor do all of them use it as means of regression. My specific research is an exploratory study and what I hope to achieve is to make more information readily available for other researchers, therapists and the general public.

I value the participation of the members of the AB/DL community and understand how very sensitive the information they may provide is. Because of the sensitive nature of this research, there are no questions that ask for information regarding personal identity and/or computer identity. This research is adheres to the standards established by the University of California, Davis Internal Review Board (IRB) which has strict rules on how the information of participants is handled. The survey is 100% anonymous and confidentiality is assured. My contact email address is My email address is also presented with the consent form should participants have any questions. The link to the survey can be found here ... rGPZU6MAlv


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Re: AB/DL Study Particpation Help!

Postby admin » 1 year ago

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Littlespace Online is not affiliated with this specific study or the University of California. We have made a one-time exception to allow the link and contact information to better assist in learning about and understanding our special interests and dynamics.

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Re: AB/DL survey. Please help

Postby Emily » 1 year ago

Hi Sandra! I think it's just super that you're majoring in Psychology at UC Davis. I too am majoring in Psychology at UCSD! I know this is unrelated, but I just think it's pretty cool to find someone else on here from one of the UCs!

Also unrelated, but I think it's pretty cool that your first name fits into your last name for your email. I know that it's the first initial and then your last name, but the first five letters of your last name are the last five letters of your first name. So I was just reading it thinking, "Who is this Mrs. Wis, we're taking this survey for?"

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