Hi I'm morgyn

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Hi I'm morgyn

Postby Babymorgyn626 » 7 months ago

:pen: hi I'm morgyn and I like to color and play with toys and I love cuddles my favorite colors are light green and pink I don't like being alone at all I'm shy sometimes and I get really scared of storms cause there scary.

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Re: Hi I'm morgyn

Postby WynterAlice » 7 months ago

Hi Morgan! I'm Dee I love to colour too and green is a prwtty colour. Storms are really scary

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Re: Hi I'm morgyn

Postby Meowmeowclaire » 7 months ago

Omggggg Morgyn I know being all by yourself is THE worst Dx when Daddy is away I could just about cry. What sorts of things do you do to keep yourself busy in those times? Coloring is super super a good choice :} I ask because that's the situation I'm in now and why I need a friend so bad xD do you have any other little friends?

Ps. My favorite colors are seafoam green and coral... Super sumilar to yours =^___^=

Love, Claire


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