Ask Admin: Are you a little or a Caregiver?

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Ask Admin: Are you a little or a Caregiver?

Postby admin » 7 months ago

Are you a little or a Caregiver?

I feel like the position of being a site administrator is very parental at times. I have a tendency to quietly watch over members as if they are children playing and enjoying themselves in a safe environment.

Just the same, I thoroughly enjoy shared posts of members' stuffed animal companions and have decorated the site in a playful fashion--much like a child would have done. I seem to lean toward catering to the more carefree mindsets, perhaps due to potentially feeling psychologically connected in a subconscious way.

In a sense, I am both, yet, I am truly neither as I don't often participate in either designated "Caregiver" or "little" activity that occurs on the site.

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