Ask Admin: What urged you to start this site?

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Ask Admin: What urged you to start this site?

Postby admin » 7 months ago

What urged you to start this site?

The site was something that had been mentally developed since around 2013. I, personally, had gone on an internet journey to locate an active community of people interested in Caregiver/little dynamics/lifestyles and, at that time, none were truly available that were not specifically designed for AB/DL. While I enjoy AB/DL participants as well, I felt like the communities available were not accepting or encompassing enough of all variations within our developing subculture.

Financially, I chose to purchase a domain one early morning in March 2015 and cut back on personal expenses to have funds available to Littlespace Online. It was then that I quickly began building a community of like-minded friends and spreading the word outward of our wide acceptance.

Perhaps it was due to an inner-loneliness and desire to branch out. Perhaps it was due to a deep desire to please and assist. Perhaps it was due to feeling other sites were biased and, to some degree, close-minded. Perhaps it was a desire to inform the general popular about our subculture interests.

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