Hallooo Out There!

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Hallooo Out There!

Postby EndlessElljay » 7 months ago

Heya everyone! I'm LJ, an ageplayer new to the site. I'm genderqueer (she/her please) and live in Oklahoma.

I bat between ages ranging from really little girl to fully adult caretaker. I love movies, games, books...just fun artsy stuff in general :D

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. You all seem really nice, so I can't wait to talk with you more <3

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Re: Hallooo Out There!

Postby binkie_princess » 7 months ago

Hewwo! Welcome to the site. Im also a new ageplayer to the site. Im a little :)
I range between ages 4-7. I love movies and books and games as well.
Well I hope you love the site and have some fun :) Bai bai~ :)

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