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How does this work?

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How does this work?

Postby Piccola_kitten » 1 year ago

In case that didn't make it painfully obvious that I'm new to this site, I'm new to this site, Lol. I'm 18, I love being little, and I'm relatively new to it. i love the color orange, Disney movies, candy and bubble baths c: I'm not sure what else to put down here, but I'm looking for anyone who wants to talk.

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Re: How does this work?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

I'm in no way being rude or disrespectful but...what do you mean by how does this work?

This as in...

The site?'s a forum...a very basic, typical forum. You post your questions/comments around the forum and make friendly connections. Kind of socialization--the chat room available makes it a great site to make friends because you can hang around in the chat room for instant chats or you can post around the forum and build up connections throughout time. This page here kind of explains the site a little more and things you can do on it:

Finding little friends with the same interests?
Socialize online, usually. Post around and talk about things that are interesting to you. It'll draw attention from other people who have the same interests. They will reply and post back to help develop those connections and everyone kind of gets to know everyone in a safe zone.

Living life?
You do what you can do. You make mistakes, you learn, you grow, you develop, you mentally evolve as well as you can to be the best you that you can be but taking in stride that you aren't a perfect creature. You'll have slip-ups, bad moods, sad times, and all of that unhappy things too--but we should reveal in it that we are living life with our own mental capacities, decisions, and consciousness.

I'm kind of confused but I want so desperately to answer that first question you have. Could you clarify what you meant, pretty please?

Also, Pocahontas is also my favoritest Disney princess too!

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