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Is it OK to be underage (under 18) and into ageplay and DDLG?

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Is it OK to be underage (under 18) and into ageplay and DDLG?

Postby DaddysprincessB » 1 year ago

How many of you really think you shouldn't be a little if you're under 18?

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Re: Underage ageplay

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

I think I feel pretty unusual about underage littles. This is my thought:

Yeah, it's great you've identified a key part of your personality, who you are, or your major kink. That's great! I'm so glad you're learning about yourself while still so young.

And while I'm sure you're going to experiment and dive into things online, I simply can't encourage that and feel peace of mind. Why? Because a lot of it may lead to sensual situations (even, unfortunately, without your full consent in some cases) and those have pretty serious consequences--emotionally, physically, psychologically, etc. Some of those consequences are brief and others could last the rest of your life.

At age 13, 14, 15, 16, and even 17 I can't quite welcome you to the inner circle. I see you out there and recognize that you're going to be coming in and participating with us soon though. I'm excited to get to know who you are--when the time comes, that is. I just can't invite you in yet because you need other types of growth right now to keep you in the right space as an adult.

Mature first. Keep your interest, sure, but don't actively look to participate just yet. Focus elsewhere for now so that you can thoroughly enjoy this part of yourself later.

I say these things from experience. I was an underage little. I experimented online and talked to a lot of people. A lot of people want to use you fulfill their own urges and desires though. A lot of those people will push your boundaries and comfort zones with no regard to your thoughts or feelings. Those people will toss you aside and not show you true care. It may mess with you--causing depression or even confusion on how a real, loving relationship should work. I was taken advantage of plenty. I was told dark "secrets" from deeply perverted minds. I was lied to and manipulated plenty.

I have baggage I don't need because I dove right into this dynamic too early. You don't need to share this baggage with me.

And just because you don't have sensual intentions with your little-ness doesn't mean the other party or participants don't. Some are anxiously waiting on the sidelines to watch you wear a diaper so that they can get gratification from it--not because they are happy to see you happy. Some of them are anxiously waiting on you to talk about your thoughts and ideas so that they can get gratification--not because they enjoy the conversation from an intellectual standpoint. Some of them are waiting for a little extra vulnerability you may show so that they can pressure you. Some of them are just waiting to swoop in and take advantage in some way, is what i'm saying.

People who say, "Underage littles should be able to do everything an of-age little can because the scene isn't always sensual!" are wrong. The line has to be drawn somewhere. 18 is a good line--at 18 you're finishing up your basic education, you're moving out, you're learning about the real world, and your finding your feet. It's a good time to start doing things your own way--including dipping your toes into the scene.

If there was no line drawn, who's to say a 10 year old can't identify as a little and participate in scenes as such? They very well can be a little by that age. Would you want them to participate though? Would you want them to go to an ABDL party with everyone else? Wouldn't that be kind of uncomfortable? What if they hung out with the 40 year old man there--wouldn't you feel it was just a tad odd? Wouldn't you be afraid that the 10 year old may just get taken advantage of in some way while there or be exposed to something they just shouldn't be ready for in life just yet?

What I'm saying is that if you're underage and you start identifying yourself as a little and are actively participating in the community then you're vulnerable. You're standing there with a bright target sign on you. The hunters are coming. They will hunt for you if you are frolicking in the woods. Stay out of the woods. It's the wrong season for you. Your safe season will come. It will come before you know it. Just, please, be patient. Please, protect yourself for now.

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