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User Locations - Feature Request  [Answered]

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User Locations - Feature Request  [Answered]

Postby admin » 1 year ago

I wish your site had a world map and links to the forum topics by location.

Its hard for me to find a Daddy soecificly here where I live.
If the navigation was more intuitive, it would be easier to find the
perfect match.

Thank You

Please know that this is not a feature we will be implementing because Littlespace Online is not intended to be a dating site.

Our community isn't specifically for twisty match-making. It doesn't only exist to help you find your soulmate, one-night-stand, or local or online lover. Our site was never intended to be the hook-up zone for any specific type of person or dynamic.

It isn't, and never will be, our goal to be specific to personals and we don't want it to appear as a dating site to any one. We won't change our entire community to center around one sub-section of our site.

Our personals section shouldn't be the sole reason you're here with us on Littlespace Online, but, rather, an additional tool to use within the community. Providing a general means of reaching out to every single user within a certain area could cause many privacy or personal issues with members who are not single or seeking a partner. Ultimately, how would you feel if you were not single and/or looking and starting receiving messages every week from people assuming you were single just because you registered an account on a site for friends? How would your partner feel if they found out you were receiving messages every week from people assuming you were single and/or looking for someone else to date? With 6,500 members and rapidly growing (yeah, we recently gained 500 members in approximately 9 days) it would kind of get bothersome, I'd imagine.

Even if we implemented a feature so that people can register and deregister from a singles location service I feel like people would have tendency to forget and become annoyed far too often, users would become more close-minded to possible healthy-but-long-distance relationships, and our site would look as if we are more focused toward the match-making concept rather than the community goal.

The entire goal of the site is to help people connect in safe, platonic, and friendly ways so that they can feel accepted. It's a place where you go to let off some steam and be little, talk about being a Caregiver, get advice, give advice, or just share some idea you have without negative judgement. Primarily, developing a friendly community of acceptance is what we're after and that's why even our chat room doesn't permit personal ads or match-making requests (because, hey, a chat room is for chatting!).

You are more than welcome to post your personals ad, read through our personals area, or use the search feature on the upper right hand corner of the site to try to locate what you're hoping to find. It may be extremely important to keep in mind that just because someone is local and identifies as a role you prefer doesn't mean they are your best option or match. We are more than our location and our identifications--we are people with interests, personalities, goals, dreams, desires, dislikes, pasts, etc. These dynamics are not black and white.

Please also keep in mind that we aren't a singles or dating site and there are plenty of users on the site that aren't actively seeking or wanting to be a part of a match-making situation.

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