Quick question about privileges  [Answered]

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Quick question about privileges  [Answered]

Postby Hungstud_244 » 10 months ago

Hi I have posted under general discussion now and given an intro and don't have access to view profiles. I read the "how to" and tried to make sure I followed those rules. I am very interested in being a full member so just making sure I do whatever needs to be done. Could an admin please help? Thanks!

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Re: Quick question about privileges

Postby admin » 10 months ago

Hi, Hungstud_244:

Please know that we have found your username to be inappropriate and potentially offensive to our Littlespace Online community. Please take note that we are not a relations and/or dating site and usernames should not center around those aspects. We issued this message as a warning to you but haven't received any reply or response so we are not moving your account to full features yet.

Please provide a new, more appropriate username for yourself to continue using our site by contacting the Admin directly by e-mailing littlespaceonline@gmail.com at your earliest convenience. We will change the username as soon as possible for you once you've made your choice.

Teddy Bear Cuddles,


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