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Does this really work

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Does this really work

Postby BRS94 » 1 year ago

Is this a real sure for daddies looking for someone or just men being twisty? I'm not being mean just thinking this site reminds me of fanfiction where the main character gets what she wants, a daddy to take care of them and just...understanding.
I really want to talk to someone who is honestly into this so I can figure out the style of life you want to live with your girls

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Re: Does this really work

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

Hi there!

This site is very real and has a great number of people who are legitimately into ageplay and the like.

The owner and head administrator of the site is in a Daddy Dom/little girl relationship. She created the site to help people connect with one another and understand these dynamics better.

I hope you find the people you're looking to find here. As with anything, there will be people who are just trying to use someone else for some type of gain. You have to protect yourself and stay cautious--but that's really with any type of human connection.

Anyway...welcome! I'm glad you're around with us.

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Re: Does this really work

Postby LeonicBear » 1 year ago

I'm making my way into Dd world. Yeah, it's real. I made a few friends. They need daddies. So sweet.. So nice.. Cute little girls..

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