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Offer: Graphic Designer / Webdeveloper  [Answered]

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Offer: Graphic Designer / Webdeveloper  [Answered]

Postby Clairbear » 11 months ago

Strictly professional offer (As I don't know how to message people) : If you guys are looking for a graphic designer / webdeveloper (I just finished college for this), I'm willing to help the site. The interface design is kind of confusing here and makes it difficult to get around in the forum. Send me an inbox if you would like to further explore this as an option to the growth of Littlespace Online.

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Re: Offer: Graphic Designer / Webdeveloper

Postby admin » 11 months ago

Hi, Clairbear:

I understand that you're offering professional services to our community. We really, thoroughly, appreciate your offer. Please know that:
  1. This is probably the most important point, since it's likely what you're really wanting to thoroughly discuss:
    Nobody from this site is getting paid--Nobody is making money--this includes the website owner/operator, administrator, and moderators. There is no income to speak of when it comes to hiring a professional anyone for anything. We have $0 excess revenue and, thus, we would absolutely not be a position to pay. As a matter of fact, we don't even make enough on a month-to-month basis through donations and ad revenue to consistently pay the server bill. Every penny we "earn" through ad revenue or donation goes strictly and solely toward site operations (monthly server cost, monthly chat room script charge, yearly SSL payment, yearly domain registration fee)--there are no leftover funds for anything more. Majority of the site costs have come from, and continues to come from, my personal income.
    This is why we have been, very heavily, promoting donations lately--because we need a new chat room script, and one is available but it just isn't in my personal finances to afford either. If we wanted to hire a professional to redesign the site then we would have to raise donations, again, and hope to gain enough just to afford something like that. Honestly, it isn't an immediate goal (the chat room that we've already been raising donations for is).
  2. As a general rule of thumb:
    Please do not post your offers like this on the site publicly. I know you meant absolutely no harm, but I just want to tell you this for future knowledge. It's, typically, seen a rude and unprofessional. (I mean, the Contact Us link on the bottom in the footer of every single page--which is absolutely normal and, generally, expected--yet, somehow, you didn't feel that was an appropriate method of communication.) Other websites are likely going to feel the exact same way so you may want to keep that in mind as you look and venture out for new clients. Business opportunities should be discussed with site owners or, at the very least, administrators directly.
    The site e-mail is and appears multiple times throughout the site. Please only contact that e-mail alias if you want to discuss business.
  3. In terms of business practice when gaining new clients:
    You may want to approach clients with something more than: "The interface design is kind of confusing here and makes it difficult to get around in the forum." That's extremely generic and doesn't tell a site owner why they should hire you as the expert to redesign an entire site of over 6,500 registered members. I am happy to discuss this through personal, direct contact (the appropriate contact method is above) to help you develop stronger tactics to close sales so you are most successful with your own business.

Thank you,


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