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Hi!~ ♡

Postby Schatzlein » 7 months ago

Hi everyone!
My name is Sara and I'm quite new to this but I'm super willing to learn!
I spent like 3 months wondering if I should introduce myself or not but, well, here I am!

I'm pretty shy and I really suck at talking about me...sorry... :sry:
I'm pretty sure I'm a little/kitten but I'm still confused about my age...

Still! Im looking forward to understand more about myself and this new world.
I really hope I will meet new people and friends.

Ps if you speak German, French or Italian please contact me! I'd love to have a pal to practice my writing with.
Pps I really hope I didn't make any mistake: English is not my native language ><

Byebye! Have a nice day/evening/whatever! ♡

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Re: Hi!~ ♡

Postby friendsinreverse » 7 months ago

Hey, welcome to the forum! Hope you find your way easily :)

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Re: Hi!~ ♡

Postby Med75381 » 7 months ago

Hello Sara, don't be shy! I'm new here myself, and everyone seems pretty open. I used to know a little German but I'm afraid i may have lost all of it, but I would love to chat! Love the language. :D

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