My name is Joey :D

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My name is Joey :D

Postby Joey » 7 months ago

Hey, i'm Joey, i'm 18 and from the UK and i have been trying out a LOAD of different things lately. I am especially interested in DDLG (I'm a daddy), Femdom, Mommy/Son and Daddy/Son (myself being the son :D). I am also into ABDL and quite a lot of other things. I'd say i'm pretty open to new things and will hopefully become a contributing member to this whole community :D

:paci: :D

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Re: My name is Joey :D

Postby binkie_princess » 7 months ago

Hewwo. Welcome to the swite. I just wanted to stop in and say hewwo, which I already did. I hope chu wuv it here and fwind what chu wooking for.

Bai bai~

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