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Yay Friends!!!

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Yay Friends!!!

Postby LittleMissyx3 » 11 months ago

Hello honey bunnies! I am in need of friends :( My friends here are not like me, they don't enjoy being a little like I do. I have two friends who want me to get rid of my stuffs because I'm too old and I have two others who don't really care about it, but i know they don't understand. I want o have friends that I can talk to about stuffies and drawing, and kid movies, and stuffies and SWEETS!!!! LOTS OF SWEETS!!!!! :gigs: hehe ooopsies, i got carried away. Anyways I hope to meet lovely people soon, so we can play and have fun. ^.^ Have a sparkly day.

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Re: Yay Friends!!!

Postby Babyboy4you » 11 months ago

Hihi! Being little is soooo much fun! You wanna be friends?

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Re: Yay Friends!!!

Postby Princess_bambi » 11 months ago

Hiii I really want some nice little friends too, I like in the uk. I would love a friend that I can eat lots of sweeties with, someone that I can play with and be little with, I love colouring/arty things and I really like watching films too.

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Re: Yay Friends!!!

Postby CedeLuvsStuffies » 11 months ago

Hiya!!! I would love to be friends with all of you! Group kik chat anyone?? <3 I love sweets! And stuffies and disney movies and my sippy cup and did I mention stuffies?????

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Re: Yay Friends!!!

Postby littlebell » 9 months ago

Hiiii umm am new to DDLG tooo. Am sorry about your friends, I don't know anyone interested in DDLG so I don't have anymore to talk to about it :pacy: so if you don't mine being friends with someone new to DDLG I would love to. I like sweets to Hehe <3.

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