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LDR Netflix and Cuddles Tip for DDLG Couples

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LDR Netflix and Cuddles Tip for DDLG Couples

Postby daddyspecialprincess » 1 year ago

Every Saturday, my Daddy and I have the best date night we can.
We're a little too far away for a real date, so we both downloaded Netflix Party(for chrome) and we take turns picking a movie for us to watch together
It has a chat bar and the movie controls are set so we can be sure it's the exact same moment and we can talk during if we want to
We both cuddle a stuffie (he does sometimes, he somehow doesn't feel the magic of stuffie cuddles) and watch a movie together.
For any littles with long distance Daddies/Mommies, I highly suggest looking into it, because I love Netflix and cuddles with my Daddy

:stuffie: :hugs:

I love you, Daddy

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Re: Netflix and Cuddles

Postby KurtAnkara » 1 year ago

I do cuddle my stuffie Princess because I know you're cuddling yours and it connects us.

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