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Trouble in bed (DDLG shy little)

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Trouble in bed (DDLG shy little)

Postby KurtAnkara » 1 year ago

My little and I have been together for a good while now and I really can't imagine my life without her. We Skype almost every night and spend every waking moment sending messages all day. I know she loves me and I her but when it comes to things like relations we seem to be having trouble. I am very forward about my desire for relations and wanting to be sensual with her, we have discussed it plenty and both agree we want to have a sensual relationship. The problem is that whenever we start doing things in that manner she becomes shy and scared if I push to much. I am her daddy and feel like there are ways for me to be more sensual such as being more assertive but I also don't feel like I should be forcing something so drastic on her. I care about her and am patient enough to wait but when I talked to her about ways to help and discussed making this post she said it was a good idea because someone may have an answer.

In short, how can I help my little become less scared of relations and more open to being sensual around me without being forceful.

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Re: Trouble in bed (DDLG shy little)

Postby IM_A_PRINCESS » 1 year ago

All I can do is give you my view and how I am. I have regular little which is around 6-8 and then SUPER LITTLE like 3-4 which when I am in super little mode I do not want anything to do with relations. But any other time, little or big I love it. This may just be something that depending on her state she may not be comfortable with. Maybe just more talks and seeing what part she is not comfortable with or what her concerns maybe. It might be something so silly that she is just not comfortable sharing or thinks you will see her differently if she says/does something wrong. She may be still finding herself :) Hope this helps

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