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Lil' Kylie Intro

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Lil' Kylie Intro

Postby LilKylie » 1 year ago

Hi, my names Kylie. I quite frequently age and gender play as a 3-4 year old girl. I figured I would use top post by star as a decent guide line for my intro!

Q: What is your favorite stuffy's name?
A: Rawr

Q: What type of animal or doll is your favorite stuffy?
A: My little pink tiger

Q: What is your favorite snack while in little-space?
A: Mostly crackers, or the toddler biscuits called mum mum

Q: What is your favorite Disney movie?
A: The lion King (Rawr! =^.^=)

Q: Which Disney princess, prince, or character is your favorite?
A: Mmm not really

Q: What is your favorite cartoon?
A: Care Bears, My Little Pony.

Q: Do you wear diapers?
A: Yes.

Q: If so, what are your favorite brands of diapers?
A: M4, Sunggies, abu cushies.

Q: Do you use pacifiers (dummies, binkies, soothies)?
A: Yes.

Q: If so, what's your favorite brand or type?
A: I don't know I got mine from a site called PacifiersRus.

Q: If so, how many do you own?
A: 3

Q: Do you suck your thumb?
A: No, that's what a pacifiers is for =)

Q: Do you use a sippy cup?
A: Yup

Q: If so, how many do you own?
A: Two, that way if one is all dirty I've got another one

Q: Do you have a Mommy/Daddy/Caregiver?
A: No =(

Q: Do people in real life know that you're little?
A: Very few do.

Q: Do you have a little age or age range?
A: 3-4.

Q: When did you realize that you were a little?
A: When I was around 14.

Q: What is something that will always put you into little-space or something you always do while in little-space?
A: Mmm probably looking at the pile of little girl cloths I have in my room. And I always am diapered in my little space, with my collar on, also I always like coloring.

Q: Are you a sensual or nonsexual little?
A: sensual.

Q: Are you (or do you want to be) a little 24/7?
A: I wanna do this 27/4.

Q: Do you like coloring?
A: Yes.

Q: If so, do you prefer crayons, colored pencils, markers, watercolor, pastels, or something else?
A: Mostly crayons, finger paint is fun thou.

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: I have to pick one? *Shakes head* It would be light blue, or light pink, some shades of teal are good too.

Q: What is your favorite little nickname to be called?
A: Kylie or Princess

Q: What is your favorite bedtime story or fairytale?
A: Mmm don't really got one

Q: Do you sleep with a nightlight?
A: Does a fisher price musical aquarium crib hanging thing count? Lol, I don't know its exact name.

Q: Do you sleep with a stuffy?
A: Mmmmhmm *Squeezes her pink Tiger*

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