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New Snow owo

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New Snow owo

Postby Snowdrop » 1 year ago

Hi! owo I'm Snowdrop~ or Emma. It's not my real name but I like using it >w< It took forever picking out a name because everything I tried wasn't allowed xD; but Snowdrop is cute too so I don't mind using it!

I haven't been a little/middle for a long time but I'm embracing it more and more and becoming comfortable as I am. Which I think is great. I, however, have been interested in BDSM for quite some time. I've done ton of research and talked to a few doms/etc here and there.

I'm 23, before I forget to add! Definitely legal. Speaking of ages, I don't really have an age for being a little or a middle. I'm like a mix between them. I'm not exactly sure what I want, perhaps at some point I'll look for a caretaker. At the moment I just want to hang out. Also this caught my eye and I can't stop staring; :ninja: Oh my god there are dd/lg/etc themed emotes xD that's adorable!

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