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very new little

Postby maya1124 » 7 months ago

:luff: hello, I'm maya and I'm completely new to all this little stuff, so I'm not entirely sure what I'm interested in.

about little maya: maybe 5 or 6, I love cartoons like rugrats and the powerpuff girls. I definitely think I'd like getting some stuffies and coloring books, but I don't really have much of anything at the moment.

about big maya: I'm 21, a college student, and I work part time as a receptionist. I really love super hero stuff (like MCU, namely Captain America) and I also really love my dog (Sebastian, named after Sebastian Stan).

basically, I'm very new to all this and I'm really hoping to find other people to chat about this stuff with ::3:

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Re: very new little

Postby MrHoncho » 7 months ago

Hey I'm real new too maybe we can learn together. Feel free to message me anytime. My details are in my profile

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