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My DDlg little dumped me. How to still be a Daddy Dom?

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My DDlg little dumped me. How to still be a Daddy Dom?

Postby ThatMan » 1 year ago

I was with my girlfriend for a couple of years. Things were great. We didn't start out as Daddy and little girl but it evolved to that. It felt right. Everything was perfect. I always had felt strange in past relationships. When I was in high school a girl I was seeing then actually dumped me, saying some thing like I was too fatherly to her.
We were separated a few months back. About 9 months now. She moved for college and I couldn't relocate because of my job. The plan was that she'd finish her schooling and then we'd be together full time, always.

2 weeks ago she texted me and broke up with me. She said she broke it off because she just wasn't in love with me any more. I feel devastated. Like she ripped something right out of me. Because I loved her deeply and she was everything to me.

I find myself in a slump now though. I know I have to get over her and heal but this is hard. I've been a Daddy Dom all of my life really and I thought I was always going to be her Daddy. She was always going to be the one I took care of, you know?

I had bought her a collar that she has. More importantly, I actually bought her an engagement ring. She didn't know I bought it but I did so when she had left and I thought I would make our meeting back up when she moved back after school magical by proposing to marry her. Now? Now it's just me.

What do I do? How do you cope if you lose your little? I feel kind of lost and empty. Kind of like I have no real purpose right now. I know it's going to pass but it's just so hard.

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Re: My DDlg little dumped me. How to still be a Daddy Dom?

Postby [LittleOneShh] » 1 year ago

I know this was awhile ago and I hope your out of your stump but it best just to move on right now, not to someone new, just to give yourself time to hurt and not be okay then you'll probably get into dating again. Its your choice tho if you want to get back into ddlg

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