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Postby Qasqg3 » 7 months ago

Hi i am Qu,
I am new to this website. i am a very extrovert, outgoing little. I love to talk well not really but i don't know how to stop talking so i guess it is something i am good at. sometimes i can go on and on and on and on. sometimes annoying sometimes it's funny. i like being able to laugh. love, life, and laughter is what it is about. except for the fact that i am missing out on the first two things. i don't have a life and haven't found the love of my life yet besides my dad, my cat, and my family, and my friends. i kno that seems like a lot of love and it is but you know what i mean. i missing my other half. anyway i am pretty fun to be around well sometimes cuz i got a lot mood swings. yet i am pretty popular at my college cuz how much energy i got i am always bouncing off the walls(in a good way) and cheering everybody up. i am just overly caring, when your ME it is hard not to be. :lol:
Anyway nice to meet you!!!
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