Uhm, Hi! New Here...

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Uhm, Hi! New Here...

Postby porcelainsnow » 7 months ago

Hi!! :stuffie:

My name is Annika, I'm new here, and not super new to being a little but I'm kind of inexperienced, I wanna learn more about it.

I don't really know what to put here either.

I guess I can put some of my favorite things!
I like stuffies, have a bunch of those, but Woof is the one I always have with me. I like to watch cartoons or anime, color stuff, and I like being in nature. Sometimes I play video games. My favorite thing to do in little space is doing puzzles with tv on in the background while I have my stuffies with me.

I don't really know much about this stuff though, since I never get to regress and I always have to hide it.

I really hope I can meet some nice people here and get to know more about the community and myself ^w^

Feel free to message or chat, but please be a little understanding cause I have anxiety about meeting new people.


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